Big Reds back in town

Big Reds back in town


After a long waiting period the word was out that the big reds were back in town! we rounded up our crew for the day and set sail for the fishing grounds.  we departed nice and early to get onto our spot for sunrise, as we headed up to the grounds it was as if was an entire fleet heading down with boats streaming down to get in first. when we arrived we manoeuvred in around the boats and sounded the bottom to find our optimum spot, we deployed the anchor and dropped our lines in.

After a slow start to the day, we were about to give up and head into the beach to try and catch a gummy when Hong had a great hit and his rod bent in half, as he fought the fish it was pretty clear it was a healthy snapper! Geoff was next up with the catch of the day! a beautiful 84cm red! over the next hour we landed another 3 Giants.

A great experience was had by all, and memorable fish were caught.

Catch of the day 84cm

happy-customer Catch of the day 84cm